Electric Drill Bit Sharpener Twist Drill Grinding Machine Drill Grinder Drill Milling Machine 3 12mm 220V

Electric Drill Bit Sharpener Twist Drill Grinding Machine Drill Grinder Drill Milling Machine 3 12mm 220V
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Oписание продукта


Grinder for factory use

Model: FG



The machine is widely suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agriculture and food industries, especially suitable for crushing dry drying of brittle material.


This machine use high speed of operation activities fluted disc and fixed fluted disc of relative motion between, shattered by the tooth things impact, shear and friction and material each other collision comprehensive effect to achieve the purpose of grinding material. This machine has simple structure, smooth operation, low noise, crushing effect is good. After crushing material directly from the crushing chamber discharge. The particle size, but through the selection of different aperture screen to achieve.

Technical parameter:



main shaft speed


Crusher fineness


Machine weight

Machine size




4200 rpm






























Stainless steel material grinder machine/Grinder for home use

Model: HG-40

Product details and matters needing attention:

The connecting shaft and motor shaft connected directly, when motor starts running, drive the connecting shaft and a set of working on the connection shaft of the mill. For material from the hopper into the grinding powder, mill spindle and grinding sets of relative operation, ground into small pieces of material particle crushing force;After ground spiral motion of small particles in the mill was brought into the two piece of grinding, grinding indented relative to the operation, make the material in a short period of time were shattered into tiny particles (powder); Powder from grinding tooth ditch and thrown around .At the same time being loaded on the mill powder plate down, flowing from powder outlet.


Technical parameters:


operation and adjustment:

1.Mill should be placed at the levels of fixed, robust desktop or table, solid wood is better. Iron plate under the bottom of motor with four screw holes. motor iron plate with long screw through the screw holes firmly fixed on the desktop or table ; It is more better if fix rubber mat between motor and desktop, which can reduce vibration, achieve better mute effect.
2.motor cover should be fixed on the desktop ,make the motor cover and plate separate,to prevent the vibration and resonance between iron plate and motor , then tighten motor cover by short screw.
3.open the cover, then put millsone fix on the connection shaft , pressing with two thumbs on the mill , if the mill can free stretch,that proof mill and connecting shaft cooperate well. Colse the cover ,tighten screw , check the power supply, turn on the switch, check whether the mill Operation specified direction,sound,shake is running normal . if there is any abnormal sound or vibration, should shutdown check, until returned to normal, can be restarted.
4.Open the mains,work about 1minutes, put material into chute. Twist regulator to appropriate location. open blanking baffle,material can slowly flowing to grinding chamber. damper to open a little bit small,  To avoid feed fast,jammed motor.Generally speaking ordinary materials needs grinding two times, one is Coarse grinding, another is fine grinding.
5.milling thickness can adjustment by yourself ,which is depends on clearance between two pieces of grinding, the grinding of the clearance by regulator to control, according to order the thickness on the cover, when the regulator to the direction of the fine adjustment, two grinding gap narrowed, flour is thinner;Otherwise the grinding powder coarsening.
6.strength of regulator adjusting range and how to control, can through the ears to hear the sound of abrasive disc friction and the voice of the motor running, grinding, the more closer louder voice and even sharper; Conversely, grinding or not closer separation, voice is soft.
7.separate grinding is particularly high oil content of the material such as sesame seed, walnut, peanut, oil content is extremely high,so this kind of material can only be grinding coarse , because these material has a large number of oil filters through, will make powder slurry. So grinding materials particularly high oil content, governor don\'t adjust too tight, mill piece clearance stay somewhat close to or even completely separate, can be ground into powder (granule). Above material if need to wear very thin, need material with no oily or low oil content, high oil content and low oil content the proportion of the material as follows: 1:1:4 to 5, and take the ground twice, the first time, coarse grinding, fine grinding.
8.Install about Static grinding and dynamic grinding:
Dynamic grinding assemble in millstone ,Static grinding assemble in crush cavity. will be fixed grinding three screws removed, the grinding can be unloaded. The hardness of grinding is made of cast iron, cast iron is about 52 °, the hardness, flexibility is poor. With mill, screw can not be screwed too tight, in case of grinding fracture.


1. Must external circuit protection, overload protection device, in order to protect the machine and personal safety.
2.This machine is only can grinding dry material , the more dry material , the more fineness.
3.Needs to be fixed in a solid level of the desktop and on the counter, the most reduce vibration and noise.
4.In the process of machining, such as suddenly shut down by power outages and other reasons, must be clean-up residual material in the crushing cavity, then start again.
5.After the machine start ,should manufacture material until run faultlessly.notice the feed rate to prevent motor overload.
6.Machine after each use,  should be clean inside, dry and ventilated.
7.If Machine not to work, should cut off power supply. Keep upright and don\'t put weight on it.
8.One full years’ warranty and lifetime maintenance service: any problem caused by the equipment itself in the first two years after purchase, new spare parts will be provided freely. After that, spare parts will be supplied with cost price.

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